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England v Pakistan - Day 4

When & Where

Lord's Cricket Ground 2020
Soon on sale
2 August, Sunday 11:00
General Sale Subject to Availability Monday, March 2, 2020 9:30 AM
Adult pricing from £50.00 to £150.00
Under 16 £10.00 in category C, D and E.


Category Areas On Off Tickets By
Full Members Ballot MFE 23.10 : 00.01 15.11 : 23.59 2 Ballot
Associate Members Ballot MFE 23.10 : 00.01 15.11 : 23.59 2 Ballot
Senior Members Ballot MFE 23.10 : 00.01 15.11 : 23.59 2 Ballot
Full Members PS 4.11 : 11.00 15.11 : 16.00 6 FCFS
Associate Members PS 25.11 : 11.00 29.11 : 16.00 4 FCFS
Senior Members PS 25.11 : 11.00 29.11 : 16.00 4 FCFS
Candidates PS 9.12 : 11.00 13.12 : 16.00 4 FCFS
General Public Ballot PS 16.12 : 00.01 15.1 : 23.59 4 Ballot


MFE = Members' Friends' Enclosures
PS = Public Stands
FCFS = Sold on a First-Come, First-Served Basis. The availability of tickets is not guaranteed.


Public Stand Tickets for Members of M.C.C. and Candidates for M.C.C. Membership allocations will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis, from the respective dates shown on the 'On Sale To' button.
The Members' Friends' Enclosure ballot for MCC Members opens on 23rd October at 00.01 and closes on Friday 15th November at 23.59.
The General Public Ballot is open for applications from 16th December 2019 until 23.59 on 15th January 2020.
For the above ballots, all applicants must first log-in to their accounts. Press the 'Enter a Ballot' tab from the Menu, and click the ballot that is available to that category of applicant.
Brand new applicants must register on the site before submitting an application for inclusion in the General Public Ballot.


Once the General Public Ballot is open, if you wish to make a group application then please read the following information describing the group application process.

Please note the maximum of tickets in a group for this match day is 20.

  • The Group must nominate a Lead Customer
  • The Lead Customer is responsible for applying for tickets; submitting the Group Application request and paying for the tickets if successful in the ballot.
  • Once the Lead Customer submits their online ballot request, a ballot entry confirmation email will be sent.
  • On this email will be a link to the 'Online Group Application Form' which then allows the Lead Customer to submit the Group Application request.
  • The 'Online Group Application Form' must be fully completed and submitted with the details of the match day(s) required, total number of tickets, along with the names and telephone numbers of the co-applicants.
  • Important: The co-applicants DO NOT need to submit an online ballot request to be part of the group.
  • Please ensure the match days and the number of tickets required by the group has been finalised before submitting the Group Application form, once the Ticket Office accepts the Group Application, any changes WILL NOT be considered.

  • THE 'ONLINE GROUP APPLICATION FORM' MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 23.59 ON FRIDAY 17th JANUARY. Submissions received after this time and date will NOT be included in the Group Application process.



    On major match days, there are four accessible areas within Lord's specifically for the use of visitors in wheelchairs and their companions. These areas are at the rear and on the grass in the front of the Warner Stand Terrace; at the front of the Mound Stand; and at the rear of the Grand Stand. The accessible areas at the rear of the stands are undercover. Dress Regulations also apply to the accessible area at the rear of Warner Stand Terrace. The ballot for the wheelchair areas takes place in February each year, if you are on the mailing list to receive the wheelchair area ballot application form then this will be sent out automatically in January. If you would like to be placed on the mailing list please telephone the Ticket Office on 020 7432 1000.

    Once the ballot has been completed, and subject to availability, to purchase tickets in these areas please telephone the Ticket Office on 020 7432 1000. A member of the Ticket Office staff will then check the availability and assist you accordingly.
    If you are applying for ticket(s) for a disabled spectator who is not a wheelchair user, please telephone the Ticket Office on 020 7432 1000. A member of the Ticket Office staff will then discuss your specific requirements with you and proceed accordingly.
    For applicants who are hard of hearing, and do not have access to the Telephone Text Relay Service, please email your requirements to TICKETS FOR THE HARD-OF-HEARING
    A list of the facilities within Lord's for the disabled can be found here DISABLED FACILITIES WITHIN LORD'S


    Stand and Tier Adult Under-16
    Compton Stand Balcony - A++ £130 £130
    Edrich Stand Balcony - A++ £130 £130
    Grand Stand Lower Tier - A+ Premium £110 £110
    Compton Stand Upper Tier - A+ Premium £110 £110
    Edrich Stand Upper Tier - A+ Premium £110 £110
    Compton Stand Lower Tier - A+ Premium £110 £110
    Edrich Stand Lower Tier - A+ Premium £110 £110
    Upper Grand Stand - Debenture Seat Level - A £90 £90
    Compton Stand Lower Tier - A £90 £90
    Edrich Stand Lower Tier - A £90 £90
    Grand Stand Lower Tier - B £70 £70
    Mound Stand Lower Tier - B £70 £70
    Compton Stand Lower Tier - B £70 £70
    Edrich Stand Lower Tier - B £70 £70
    Compton Stand Upper Tier - C £60 £10
    Edrich Stand Upper Tier - C £60 £10
    Compton Stand Lower Tier - C £60 £10
    Compton Stand Upper Tier - D £50 £10
    Edrich Stand Upper Tier - D £50 £10
    Compton Stand Upper Tier - E £40 £10
    Edrich Stand Upper Tier - E £40 £10
    All Restricted View Seats £35 £10


    Tickets will be posted to U.K. addresses until three working days before the match day, and to non-U.K. addresses three weeks before the match date. After these times, tickets will be held for collection. Details of the collection arrangements will be outlined in the ticket confirmation email.


    If play is restricted or does not take place at the Ground on this day, you will be entitled to receive a proportional refund of the face value of the ticket subject to there being:

    (a) 15 overs or less because of adverse weather conditions or completion of the match - a full refund

    (b) 15.1 overs to 29.5 overs because of adverse weather conditions or completion of the match - a 50% refund

    In no other circumstances will any money be refunded.

    If the original applicant has to return tickets to MCC the Club will attempt to re-sell such tickets. If tickets are returned to the Club within six weeks prior to the relevant match, a charge of 20% of the face value of each ticket will be deducted by MCC from the proceeds of such sales. It must be noted that tickets may be returned only be the original applicant only.


    For Information about the Stands at Lord's; the purchasing of tickets; the food and drink allowance and the Dress Regulations please click here GENERAL INFORMATION